Nepali, Tibetan, Bhutan Driving School in Queens NY

Are you looking Nepali,Tibetan or Bhutan driving school who provides 5 hour course for road test NY. Car rental with driver for your upcoming road test with dmv.

Need 6 hour defensive driving course for TLC or insurance discount. Driving lessons for beginner or refresher drivers. Highway driving lessons.

Package deal for learner permit holder driver

You have valid learner permit and you want to practice to learn the turning, sign and signal, parallel parking, 3 point turn etc. We have package deal for you. You can choose any package that works for you.

Nepali Tibetan Bhutan driving school in Jackson Heights, Queens, NY- Online 5 Hour course

5 Hour pre-licensing course for road test NY. The 5 hour course is mandatory by New York state dmv. You must have the certificate course completion proof for your road test NY. If you want to do it online then Click here and get started now.

Package deal for license holder driver and highway driving lessons

You have valid driving license but long time  did not drive. now thinking to get brush up yourself before get a your new car or going to the highway. You can take one 45 monutes lesson with us then decide how many more you might need or you ready to go on the highway or not.

Each 45 minutes local lesson is $45

nepali tibetan bhutan driving school

Driving lessons or car rental for road test

For driving lessons or car rental call us today. We have multilingual driver. Package deal or individual lessons available for beginner or advanced driver.

Inquire us today if you are looking Nepali Tibetan Bhutan Hindi  speaking instructor .